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Miele Touchtronic W4802 Washing Machine 4 cu ft 1300 RPM Review

Miele Touchtronic W4802 Washing Machine Freestanding Front Loading 4 cu ft. 1300 RPM

Miele is Rolce Royce of washing machines. German engineered, the brand has reached almost cult-like devotion from its consumers.

If you have the capital, investing in Miele is your call to action. Before you splash out, make sure that you do your research first to find out which model is best suited for you.

Read the following Miele washing machine review to find out if the hype is true.

Miele Touchtronic Front Loader

  • 10 wash cycles and 6 water temperature settings provide for optimum washing.
  • An interior light allows you to view the contents of the drum.
  • The drum is made out of durable stainless steel, ensuring that it will never rust.
  • Novotronic fault indicators monitors both intake and drain lines, warning you immediately if a fault was detected.
  • Remote vision technology enables technicians to monitor your machine off-site
  • The display and controls are angled, making it much easier to read.


  • Due to the wireless networking feature, a Miele technician can adjust your machine’s settings remotely through a computer.
  • High quality, the machine will last for years and years.
  • Clothes are almost dry when done due to the high RPM
  • The added capacity makes it ideal for families
  • Very energy efficient, you will be saving on utility bills.


  • At a steep average of $2000, this piece of equipment does not come cheap.
  • Vibrations will be noticed if the unit is placed on a wooden floor. The machine should ideally be well balanced on a sturdy floor.
  • In the case of a breakdown, this machine will be more expensive to repair than similar models.
  • In spite of the remote wireless technology, there are very few independent contractors that can repair a Miele.


The saying “buy cheap, buy twice” comes to mind with the Miele brand. This piece of engineering magic is almost flawless. If you have the funds, invest in this machine! It really is worth it. Unfortunately, most people looking for a washing machine will not be able to afford this one. At the price, you sort of expect it to break out into a song and dance.

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