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LG WT5101HW 4.5 cu ft. Ultra Capacity High Efficiency Washer Review

LG washing machines went through an upgrade. If you are looking for a LG top loader with a hot water cycle, look no further. The WT510 is your call to action.

This model is the upgrade from the very popular 5001 machine, featuring a new build in water heater. But will it do its brother model justice?

LG WT5101 HW Top Loader

The unit features;

  • 14 different wash cycles guaranteed to meet your laundry needs.
  • 5 variable spin cycles provides for optimum drying, based on different materials.
  • An electronic LED display control panel makes for simple operation.
  • As with most LG’s, the start cycle can be delayed by up to 18 hours.
  • The sanitary cycle gets rid of household bacteria and germs
  • A stainless steel drum provides durability and rust-resistance
  • Water levels can be adjusted according to the load requirements


  • The model is Energy Star compliant.
  • It can handle larger capacities with ease.
  • This unit was rated as one of the top picks at Good Housekeeping.
  • Unlike the previous models, this one has a build in water heater that can heat water up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Direct driven motors will keep the machine from bouncing around when going through a spinning cycle.
  • It is affordable.


  • The sanitary cycle takes 3 hours to complete.
  • The hot cycle is more warm than hot. Both hot and cold water are added to the machine during the hot water cycle.
  • There is no soak control. You can only soak loads for half an hour max, regardless of the setting. The machine will drain itself after 8 minutes if it is left on pause.
  • The cycles are hard to customize, and are longer than in other machines.
  • Reports are listed of clothes getting tangled after a cycle. It can be rough on clothing.


Despite the snags, the washing machine gets good reviews for consumers and professionals alike. Another product that falls into the love / hate category. Overall, LG models are workhorses, and they work fantastic at that. This model still needs to prove itself. If LG can sort out the running issues, it can join the ranks of other great LG washing machines.

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