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LG WM2140CW 3.5 cu.ft. Front-Load Washer White Review

LG WM2140CW 3.5 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer – White

At the fast pace we live our lives nowadays, who has time to do laundry? If you had your way, laundry will take care of itself.

With advances in technology to meet consumer’s busy lifestyles, it is almost entirely possible. Your call to action is to read the LG washing machine review, and decide for yourself.

LG WM2140CW Front Loader

The product features;

  • 7 automatic cycles and 9 wash options allows for versatile cleaning.
  • A stainless steel drum interior that will never rust
  • The direct drive motor combined with TrueBalance technology ensures reduced vibration and noise.
  • You can set the cycle to a predetermined time, thanks to the delayed wash function.
  • The SenseClean system automatically sets the water level in the machine based on the weight of the load.


  • Power and water usage is extremely low
  • The quick wash feature can clean small loads between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • Even at the top spin speed, the unit is very quiet.
  • The spin cycle is highly efficient, so loads take little time to dry
  • The warranty is solid
  • A pump filter prevents coins and small objects from getting into the pump.
  • The automatic temperature control feature adjusts between delicate and durable loads.


  • Wash cycles can up to 2 hours if you choose the extra rinse setting.
  • Balancing very bulky loads can be a problem at high speed settings.


This model is listed with virtually no drawback and negative feedback from its owners. Purchasing this model is a solid investment in a very good machine. The only shortcoming this unit has is that it doesn’t load itself.
Do keep in mind that the unit weighs almost 90 kg, so it must be installed in a sturdy area to reduce vibrations when using the spinning cycle. The legs can be adjusted to level the unit.

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