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LG Steamwasher WM3875HVCA Washing Machine 4.8 cu.ft Review

LG Steam Washer WM3875HVCA – Washing Machine – Freestanding – 27″ – Front Loading – 4.8 cu. ft. – 22.3 lbs – 1400 rpm – Graphite Steel

We have talked about front loaders and we talked about top loaders, and the differences between the two. But what about steam washing front loaders?

In this article we will review LG’s steam washing machine, and explain what makes it so effective.

LG Steam Washer Freestanding Front Loader

The features include, but aren’t limited to;

  • 14 different cycles, including SteamFresh. TrueSteam technology gets rid of common household allergens.
  • 5 different spin speeds lets you choose between extra high and no spin.
  • The delayed start option lets you take control over when you want your washing done.
  • Thanks to an internal light an LCD controls, you know exactly what is going on in your machine.
  • A ColdWash option lets you clean clothes more economically, with the same results as a warm-water wash.
  • LG models feature LoDecibel quiet operation and anti-vibration technology, making it virtually silent.


Due to the variable spinning speeds, the drying time is less than half that of other brands.
The design is very stylish and modern, with an edgy graphite steel finish.
A magnet holds the door in place after washing, allowing for ventilation and fresh air to circulate.
The unit can repair itself, assuming you have a technician on the line, advising you wish settings to select.
It cleans itself very well, and uses very little detergent and water. This model is one of the most economic machines on the market.
Can easily handle a large load of laundry.
The steam cycle really gets into the clothes for a proper clean without wear and tear. Not only does it sanitizes, but also makes ironing a breeze. Clothes come out wrinkle free, albeit a little bit damp.


  • Compared to LG’s other models, the price is a bit hefty
  • The model doesn’t have more than one storable program cycle.


Consumers have very few bad words about the model. The technology is state of the art, and even though it is a little pricey, the investment is well worth it. If you want a machine that will be the workhorse for your family, this model is your call to action.

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