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Bosch WFVC8440UC Washing Machine – 4.4 cu.ft 1200 rpm review

Bosch WFVC8440UC – Washing Machine – Freestanding – Front Loading – 4.4 cu. ft. – 1200 rpm – white

When you plan on purchasing a washing machine, your call to action is to familiarize yourself the different types of washers. Washing machines are most commonly available in front load and top load designs.

Front loaders are more energy efficient and can easily take care of standard loads. If you need a washing machine to operate in a relatively small space, a front loader is your best choice.

Bosch Freestanding WFVC8440UC Front Loader

  • 15 different cycles lets you choose between various load and color settings
  • EcoAction technology reduces energy consumption by 20%, so it does not burn a hole through your electricity bill.
  • A network of sensors boosts the machine’s efficiency.
  • The unit features an Anti-Vibration-System (known as AVS)
  • Running at 1200 RPM combined with the ActiveClean feature, it ensures proper cleaning of your laundry.


  • The sanitizer cycle is a firm favorite among parents and pet owners, since it kills germs and bacteria.
  • A leak protection system protects you against major water damage.
  • Bosch’s EcoAction feature exceeds the Federal Energy Standards by 102%, making it highly efficient.
  • It runs quietly and smoothly.
  • The machine can handle bulky loads, and also has adjustable settings.


  • It is more expensive than similar washers on the market.
  • This specific model is only available in one color.
  • Due to the ActiveClean feature, wash cycles are longer than normal, and it is sensitive to soap suds.
  • In spite of the AVS feature, a few complaints are listed about the vibrations when the unit is operating. Place it on firm ground to avoid this annoyance.


According to washing machine reviews, this model seems to evoke a love/hate response in consumers. The one thing that everyone agrees on is the fact that it is NSF certified. Even if the brand is more expensive than others, you will save a lot of money in the long run on utility bills.
Overall a good unit, if you can smooth out some of the running problems. To avoid the machine from stopping when excessive soap suds are created, do not use more detergent than advised.

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