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Bosch WAS24460UC Axxis Series 2.2 Cu ft. Front Load Washer Review

Bosch WAS24460UC Axxis Series 2.2 Cu ft. Front Load Washer

Not everyone has a need for a high capacity washing machine. Or you might have limited space in your apartment, and going to the Laundromat is time consuming and tedious.

For the person on the go who want to pop in a load on their way out, your call to action is to look at a compact washing machine that will fit into your home and lifestyle. Do your homework and read up on a couple of washing machine reviews.

This article will feature one of Bosch’s more popular compact units.

Bosch Axxis Series 2.2 Cu ft. Front Loader

  • Choose between 15 cycles
  • LED display and a spin speed of 1200 RPM
  • Temperature settings are available on any cycle
  • Automatic sensors keep the loads and temperature in check.
  • Like the bigger model, this unit also features a sanitary cycle.


  • This model was rated number two in the Bosch washing machine range, and fourth in the best energy saving machine.
  • It is compact, making it perfect for small apartments and areas with limited space.
  • Essentially noiseless and very easy to install, the unit also cleans small loads thoroughly.
  • You can stop the cycle at any time or put a time delay on the washing.
  • The sanitation setting gets right into the dirt and grime and is perfect for bedding and towels.


  • Overall, the machine received good reviews, but it would seem as if a few people received dud models. The complaints listed include;
  • It takes two hours to complete the sanitation cycle.
  • This model cannot handle excessive large loads like queen size comforters.
  • There is no spin cycle. Sometimes the machine does not drain out all the water, leaving clothes dripping wet.
  • Compared to other compact models, this unit is more expensive.


All listed complaints and problems aside, most of the clients who purchased this model are pleased with the unit. For a compact unit, it does more than it should. If you’ve happened to purchase a defective model, contact Bosch to get the problems resolved.

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