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Washing Machine Reviews

Having clean, fresh smelling clothes is not a luxury; it is not optional; it is a necessity. Every household needs a washer, whether it is a hand cranked model, or a state of the art Miele that does everything except load itself. Choosing the best one to meet you and your family’s need can be daunting. On this site, you will find helpful washing machine reviews and tips on what to look out for. We looked at washing machine ratings and energy consumption, taking the guess work out of the purchase.

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the couple of years. High tech gadgets and elegant electronics are making the running of our daily lives that much easier. The same hold true to washing machines.

For many years, front loading washing machines have only been available in Laundromats. They were so bulky and chunky that it was unthinkable to have one in your own home. First, there were the twin-tub machines. I practically broke out in a sing and dance routine when my parents first purchased an automatic model. Granted, it was a very basic top loader, but it decreased my chore time to a fraction.

Washing machines have been breaking new ground from there on out. After the standard top and front loader models came the high efficiency models with so many different and fancy features and buttons that it can be bewildering.

With so many different models and features to choose from, where do you start? Your call to action is to establish your needs and do your research before making a purchase. A washing machine is an appliance that should last for years, so plan ahead before you buy. Don’t just dive in and buy the best looking model, even if aesthetics are important.

Look At Your Budget

  • How much are you willing to spend? Plan your budget, establish a fixed price, and then look at models within that budget bracket. Just because you purchase a cheaper model does not mean it will run cheap. The more expensive and futuristic models are fantastic if you can afford it, but don’t forget about the running cost. Repairs on an expensive model won’t come cheap. Think Volkswagen versus Ferrari. Most, if not all mechanics can work on a Volkswagen. How many mechanics can service a Ferrari? The same applies to your washing machine.


  •  Do not purchase a machine if it does not come with a warranty of at least one year, no matter how good the brand claims to be. If a manufacturer has faith their product, they will cover you in the event of it failing.


  • The load the machine should be able to comfortably deal with is directly related to the size of your household. .A large capacity drum will be perfect for larger families and pet owners, whereas for a single person on young couple, such a capacity will be a waste. Remember, large capacity machines need to be filled up in order not to waste, water, time and money. Drum capacities range between 4 to 12 kg. Keep in mind the future use of the machine. Will its load size need to increase in a year or so?


  • Again, the cycles can range between 3 and 16. Having additional cycles such as steam or sanitize is really worth its weight in gold, but the machine must at the very least have a cycle for delicates, reduced and heavy loads. A self cleaning cycle also really comes in handy. Don’t forget about the spin speed. No one wants to deal with soppy wet clothes. The higher the spin speed, the dryer the clothes will be after a cycle. The spin speed will vary from machine to machine, from 600 RPM to 1400 RPM on never models.

Finally, will look at some of the features on the new high efficient machines, available in both top and front loaders;

  • Variable temperature control allows you to adjust the water temperature according to the load.
  • A steam cycle is gentle on clothes, and really gets into the dirt and grime. Clothes are sanitized and less wrinkled after a wash.
  • Low Decibel technology will ensure that you can go about your business in your home without being interrupted by loud spinning noises.
  • Delayed start control lets you choose a convenient time when you want to start a cycle
  • Look for a machine that is energy star compliant. These machines use between 50 and 102 percent less water and electricity than similar models. It ensures for a great saving I the long run.

As a rule of thumb, top loaders are ideally suited for bigger families with sufficient storage space, while front loaders are usually designed to handle smaller loads efficiently and economically while it can be stored under a table top.